has a horse ever stood on your mat during yoga?
has your child ever learned a foreign language in passing?
do you know what 48° degrees in the shade feels like?
have you ever washed your dishes in the sea?
you wake up and more than fifty eagles are circling above your head, how does that feel?
have you ever picked cotton yourself?
what is it like to swim in a river over 3000m above sea level?
have you ever received a whole tuna fish as a gift?
have you ever seen a cow strolling on the motorway?
where can your child get the world’s best mango juice?
has anyone ever wanted to repair a clutch disc for you and for free?
have you ever scooped your salt from a salt lake yourself?
how many wonderful people did you meet last year?

we experienced all this and got to know so many people that we can’t count them on our six hands.

since 2017, the three of us have been traveling the world in our bus.

nice that you have found us and that our paths intersect.

lea luk paul