you sit so unobtrusively between the flourishing destinations of italy and croatia, but it doesn’t seem to bother you at all.
peacefully you enjoy your existence and have your very own spirit. something between nonchalant, pro-European and in your heart you keep the traditional values.
your nature is breathtakingly beautiful. your meadows and forests blossom and thrive. the mountain slopes present themselves in various shades of green and gushing between them the turquoise soča.
it shoots with concentrated power through the valley or flows expansively, peacefully and quietly through the country and fills all water sports enthusiasts with joy.
if you like relaxed camping, visit vili. vili and its big cuddly dogs will welcome you warmly on the banks of the soča. with a little luck, fresh home-style food and a good conversation await you.
at the small bridge the toy boats meander through the water. in the evening the children make campfires.
on the way to the capital we visit the enchanted cave castle predjama, which seems to have sprung directly from a robber baron fairy tale. amazing how it melts with the mountain, as if it always belonged there.
it also successfully withstood a one-year siege by the german emperor friedrich III.
ljubljana, this isn’t the first time we’ve visited you. you delight us. you’re so uncomplicated. a young, manageable cosmopolitan city.
art and culture decorate your streets, the market is busy, the cafes are full, the sun shines. we let ourselves drift.
the proximity to the mountains as well as the proximity to the adriatic sea increases your quality of life enormously. a place where one would like to settle down.
continue on to an espresso in piran. small but fine, shaped by the past, the venetians were involved in the architecture and vita. winding alleys, pastel-coloured houses line up one after the other. not to be forgotten are the old high yet well-preserved city walls on which you can walk and get a good view over piran. the city frames the small picturesque port.

we travel on and keep you in our hearts.