our journey begins here!
all we know is that we’re traveling overland to india.
the first detour takes us to the sea, where we meet good friends.
the season hasn’t started yet, so we see italy in a completely different light. we roam through the empty streets, the shutters are pulled down, the shops are only open for a short time during the day and the parasols are still folded up.
wonderful, we have everything for ourselves. complete peace in the otherwise so lively italy.
together we go swimming, explore the area, relax, the children play, romp and in the evening we sit on our deckchairs on the kilometre long beach and enjoy the wine at sunset.

from afar, venice’s art resounds like the cry of the sirens and we follow the call.
the biennale, one of the biggest international art events, takes place every two years. art as far as the eye can see.
this time curated by the french woman christine macel under the motto “long live art”. the area is extremely large, the pavilions alone are used by 86 countries. we decide on a 2-day ticket and take the whole day in the space of the arsenal of venice.
interesting how the three of us are attracted to art in very different ways. this expands and changes our own field of vision enormously. seemingly uninteresting things become visible, our perception intensifies.
luk is fascinated by michel blazy’s planted sneakers, which he has turned into an oversized flowery shoe wall.
together with me, he enjoys the interactive installation by david medalla. the protagonists pin, sew or stick something personal out of their possessions on a meter-long hanging fabric panel. we think forever about what to take, the matchbox car is too heavy and yet indispensable. so it becomes a business card. unfortunately we forgot it.
paul is captivated by the performance “one and thousand nights” by edith dekyndt about the man who sweeps in the dark room.
on the floor there is a square dust carpet under a cone of light that is constantly being repositioned. at the same time the carpet is being repositioned.
this work has to be executed up in such a careful way, even meditatively, because otherwise a huge cloud of dust would fill the room.
paul is also enthusiastic about the finely woven walk-in tipi tent made of cotton strips, “the holy place” designed by ernesto neto.
i spend a long time in the hungarian pavilion which is called peace on earth. color, light and vitality emanate from the house in the middle of the green environment.
in contrast to this is the work of the artist gal weinstein, the “post-apocalyptic landscape”. the pavilion of the israelis appeals to all the senses.
besides the works of art, the visitors themselves are absolutely interesting. people from all over the world come together to marvel at the art of the world. a flourishing global atmosphere.
we let ourselves drift, we look, we grasp, we feel, we marvel, we are carried away, we are frightened, we grow, we get the creeps, we are pushed to our limits, we laugh, we focus, we learn, we observe, we feel moved, we stand still.
we are free!

art can make all this out of us, because it is wonderful.